About the Team It's Nice to Meet You!

DART is maintained and developed by a small team of software developers and researchers.

Andrew Ang VPAL-Research

Data Engineer; Master of Deployment.

Vittorio Bucchieri HUIT

Senior UX Lead; Users First.

David House HUIT

Software Developer; Resident code monkey.

Eric Parker HUIT

Scrum Master; Be or Not Be Agile, there is No Do.

Daniel Seaton VPAL-Research

Product Owner; All the things.

Dustin Tingley VPAL-Research

Faculty Director; Ideas and Directions.

Elliott Yates HUIT

Software Developer; Development happens here.


Phil McGachey HUIT

Technical Lead; The Architect.

Selen Turkay VPAL-Research

Research Fellow; Making Research Happen.

Contracted Support

Jean-Michel Claus

Software Engineer

Raccoon Gang

E-Learning Software Providers


Thankful for support from the following organizations.